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Welcome to the Stadthaushotel Hamburg


Dear guests and friends,

due to the current situation, we sincerely regret the closure of our hotel until further notice. For questions and booking requests, please send us an email to zufrieden@stadthaushotel.com .
With all best wishes for you and your families,


Stadthaushotel Hamburg – different and good! The most famous integration hotel of Europe

Thank you for your visit today 25-Oct-2021. Please take a little time and enjoy the following lines and pages.

In 1987 the parents of eight handicapped children have put into reality this exceptional and unique project by founding the „initiative“:

Stadthaushotel Hamburg – different and good!

Since September 1993 are disabled people living and working here under one roof. A lot has changed since then – but the friendliness, joy and professionality remained. Please assure yourself of how friendly and joyful our staff manage their different tasks. Our Stadthaushotel-Team wishes you a pleasant stay.

The team of the Stadthaushotel Hamburg
Hamburg, 25.10.2021